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Amir Amzah @ ND Lala

Amir Amzah Salleh or better known as ND Lala is a well known Malaysian singer in the 1980s and 1990s through traditional and folk pop music genres. He is also a TV lawyer and actor besides engaging in business. He is also one of the Malaysian singers who have produced a solo album for every 4 decades, as well as M Nasir , Sharifah Aini , Anita Sarawak , Khatijah Ibrahim , Ramlah Ram , Jamal Abdillah and Noraniza Idris.


Throughout his serious career as a singer since 1987, he has produced 8 solo albums including Rezeki in 2000. Other albums produced by ND Lala are Freedom of the People , Balada Cintamu Balada Cintaku , Peel and When Again . He has also produced albums Yes YB and Rumah Kita sold among Umno members alone [1] . ND has the opportunity to collaborate with top publishers such as Ahmad Nawab and Adnan Abu Hassanat the beginning of his music career before acting to produce his own songs in his last 4 albums. He was also one of the earliest singers who got the touch of the famous composer Suhaimi Mohd Zain (Pak Ngah) who had not yet actively published a traditional pop album. The success of some ND songs opened up a good market for traditional music in 1996. Among his hit songs were “Mat Tahir Mata Air”, “Diari YB”, “Poetry Cak Pong”, “Zapin Hope”. Two of his songs have won the Creative Ethnic Song Category Champion in 1995 and 1996 and have competed as a composer for the song Noraniza Idris (“Hala Timur”, 2002). He also won the Music Industry Award .

As a singer he is quite famous for the traditional genres of songs that satire, comedy, folk and pop. In fact, the name has been successfully lined up with other traditional music players like Kopratasa (poetry song), M. Nasir (archipelago and Sufi), Sheqal (Nusantara), To’ki (traditional pop), Noraniza Idris (traditional pop, fusion ethnic) and Zainal Abidin (fusion ethnic).


Prior to being active in the recording industry, ND first ventured into the field of music when it was given the opportunity to run the Musical Music program for one season in 1988. He was also given the chance to win the final stage of the 3rd Runner-up of the TV3. In addition, ND Lala is also known as the RTM Star RTM singer’s search program lawyer for the 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999 and 2001 editions of the competition, including Nora Ariffin , Siti Nurhaliza , Alyah Abu Hasan and Misha Omar . In the meantime, ND has also hosted prestigious entertainment eventsThe Daily Star Popular Star Awards were three times in the 1988, 1992 and 2001 editions.


He married a woman named Fauziah Sarman in 1989 after her acquaintance when she was involved in the Bund Burak program at Radio Televisyen Malaysia. They have four eyes, Nur Shahila (born 1990), Amir Syafiq (born 1993), Amir Syahir (born 1995) and Nur Syuhada (born 1998) [2] . Nur Shahila or better known as Shila Amzah is a renowned singer who created the name internationally.

In 1995 in her solo album ND Lala featured her first child (Nurshahila) who was just 4 and a half years old to debut her through the song ‘to see our children. NDLala has brought the nursery to the singing contest from age 7 to 9 years. NDLala trains and guides his children to sing different types of songs from traditional songs to pop songs.

In 1999 NDLala created a special song for her child entitled ‘Mother’. The song demo was brought to all the record companies in Malaysia, but none of the companies wanted to take Nurshahila as their recording artist. NDLala has secured his father-in-law’s land to make a bank loan of RM100,000 to publish his son’s album. N, D.Lala became the publisher, songwriter and lyricist for all the songs in the album.

The album titled ‘Teima Kasih Guru’ was released in 2000. The album was launched by the Minister of Education and Wife of Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia. NDLala’s creation of the ‘IBU’ song has been popular especially through the most popular radio station at that time, ERA radio. The name of the nursery at the time was SHILA TEKNO. Shila began to be popular as a child artist and succeeded in the final stage of the popular Star Awards.

After Shila was popular with several albums in 2008 NDLala brought Shila to join the nationally ranked singing contest with 23 countries. The name of the Match is SHANGHAI WORLD STAR QUEST. Shila has been a Champion. This is where NDLala recognizes many well-known publishers and composers including publishers from China. In 2012 ND.Lala has brought Shila to the Asia-level singing competition. The competition was held in Shanghai and organized by the Shanghai Media Group in the name of ASEAN WAVE. Shila has been a Champion.

NDLala and Shila live in China from 2012 to 2015 before moving to Hong Kong. NDLala and Shila live in HongKong until now. Shila is now the most popular singer in Asia and gets the title of ASEAN SWEET HEART.


Solo Album


  • “The Fruit of the Native People”
  • “Alah Ibu Twinkan Aku”
  • “Visit Malaysia Year”
  • “A Love Story”
  • “Do Not Like To Say”
  • “Mat Tahir Mata Air”
  • “Should We Spit”
  • “Remember Remember”
  • “Dondang Sayang Anak Emak” (duet bersama biduanita Rosiah Chik )
  • “Candu Candu, Beware” (featuring Tushee)
  • “Irregular Words”
  • “YB Diary”
  • “Cok Cok Kendung”
  • “Time to Love”
  • “Syair Cak Pong”
  • “When?”
  • “True story”
  • “See Our Children” (featuring Shila Amzah )
  • “Zapin Wish”
  • “Yours sincerely”
  • “Joget Sayang YB”
  • “Rezeki”
  • “Custom Story”
  • “Our House”
  • “Our PM for All”




  • End of Rindu (1982-1983)